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Toys toys toys...
Wednesday, March 01st, 2006 08:01
What is it with boys and their toys? hehe
I'd say some of my favourite toys would be my car and my iPod. And now I just saw on the VW website, that they sell an iPod adapter for the radiosystem in my car. Well, I knew you could get one off the internet anyways, but when the VW dealers are selling one, it's probably a bit safer to go for that - then I'll be able to complain if somethings wrong. So for now, I'm waiting for a price from them :o)
Just imagine - having a 40GB jukebox attached to the car radio! Well, I sure like the idea of that! But thats not such a big surprise he he
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Re: Toys toys toys...
Not really done much with this new toy so far - sent an e-mail to the dealer asking for a price on it, but didn't get a reply. So now I've ordered it through the mechanic I've been using. It's on backorder - but he'll get back to me when it's delivered. HURRAY :o)
Posted by Jakob Larsen on Tuesday, April 04th 2006 17:13
Re: Toys toys toys...
Thursday it's i-day... installation day.. iPod day :o) It's going to be GREAT!
Posted by Jakob Larsen on Tuesday, April 25th 2006 16:31
Re: Toys toys toys...
It's in.. it's working.. it's great :-)

How cool is it with a 40GB jukebox in your car! And here I am all silly over my new toy.
Posted by Jakob Larsen on Thursday, April 27th 2006 17:39
Re: Toys toys toys...
it's not fair :o( I want me one of them!!!!!
Posted by Cally on Friday, April 28th 2006 11:13