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VERY exciting news - transformation of the website has finally begun!
Friday, February 10th, 2006 22:11
I'm so excited! I've finally got my act together and started to piece together some new code for the transformation of this website.
It's going to be rather great - much more of the good stuff (well, depends on who's judging!). More css.. more php... more SQL.
So whats in store:
1) You'll be able to log on to the site and of course have a few benefits. See hidden material - have personal info on forms (blog comments and guestbook) pre-filled for you with your info.
2) Dynamic menu-bar. Totally adjusted to what rights you have on the site - according to your log in.
3) Much more css and much less of the old tables and font, colour and other tags.
4) A slightly changed design. Same main outlook - but still contains some major improvements. It's now a totally "elastic" design - meaning you can size it up or down and it will expand or shrink accordingly!

Well, thats it for now - more info as I get the code stringed together!
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Re: VERY exciting news - transformation of the website has finally begun!
Well, so far I've done the main page, the blog, the menu and just about finished with the guestbook. Just need to add the pre-filling of personal data for those who sign in to post :o)

It's so great getting rid of all the table tags - clears up a lot of space in the code and makes it load much faster! The next challenge will be to apply that to the music section with all the lists - but I'm sure I can work it out somehow!!
Posted by Jakob Larsen on Tuesday, February 14th 2006 18:44