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Tada! Here it is :o) My new PHP project: BLOG
Tuesday, August 30th, 2005 18:01
So here you have it! I'm so excited :o)

You're watching my latest geek project in PHP - my blogs. And you can even comment on what I've said.
As I mentioned in my earlier blog - theres a few limitations to the comments - you can only make linebreaks, bold, italic and underlined text. The rest will just show as plain text on here... so don't even try :o)

So whats next?
Well, I might go an make links available... so if you write anything starting with 'http://' or 'www' it'll automatically transform into a link on here when you post your comment - but thats in the future... need a break now! LOL.

So make good use of this space... happy blogging!
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