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A new blog... a new addition to my site!
Monday, August 29th, 2005 22:51
So whats this then? Well, it's my new blog :o) Yes, it really is! lol
I had barely finished with the latest addition to my site - The PHP guestbook - before I started this new project. I must say... I like all the little projects, but am aware that perhaps not too many people will see the genius of it all! But it's a great learning experience for me.
I am really pleased with the password-protected posting I've set up here. Dunno how strong the security is really - but seems ok so far. So you need the password to post the blog. Another reason for this to be introduced is, that I wanted the main blog (the writing that I would be doing) to be HTML-tag enabled.

So whats in store...
Well, so far it's just the mySQL tables and this interface I'm writing in now, that I've done. I can post and I can see the post after it's been submitted. Would I want a thingy to edit the posting as well... dunno! All in due course.
On the agenda is also comments: visitors commenting on my blogs. This feature, however, will not (for now) be password protected - but will be limited as far as HTML-tags goes. So it's only the basics like linebreak, bold, italic and so on.

Well, thats it for now folks... need to get my head back into the code and sort out how I'm going to present it all to you.
Happy blogging :o)
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